Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Tequila.

Higher Technological Institute of Tequila.

The city of Tequila, an emblematic denomination that gives its name to our country's national drink, is located north of Jalisco's Valley Region. It has a diverse agricultural production, resulting from the richness of its volcanic soil, lagoons that give life to microclimates, mine areas where quartz, opal, silver, and gold are found, surrounded by pine trees, oak trees, and holm oaks, right next to the blue agave landscape, a site of world heritage, guarded by haciendas which witness Mexico's modern history.

ITS Tequila is located in this region and it is committed to the development of the area. It seeks to meet the educational needs its economic vocation requires.

ITS Tequila is a leader in its educational, technological, and scientific research activities. It educates enterprising professionals who are committed to their environment and who have a competitive global vision.


Computer Science Engineering.
Industrial Engineering.
Electrical Mechanical Engineering.
Business Management Engineering.
Civil Engineering.
Undergraduate Degree in Administration.


Multi-Purpose field 1
Soccer field 1
Classrooms 10
Computer Lab 1
Administrative Offices 17
Chemistry Lab 1
Microbiology Lab 1
Hydraulics & Pneumatics Lab 1
Fluid Mechanics Lab 1
Applied Mechanics Lab 1
Metrology Lab 1
Electrical and Electronical Lab 1
Manufacturing Comprehensive Center 1
Process Control Workshop 1
Civil Engineering Lab 1
Design Lab 1
Tequila Plant 1
Business Center 1


Quality Education.

A pleasant environment.

Scholarship System option.

Housing option.

Spanish-language facilitators for foreign students.


ISO 9001:2008/NMX-CC-9001-IMNC-2008 Certified Institution.
ISO-14001:2004/NMX-SAA-14050-IMNC-2004 Certified Institution.


Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Tequila, Jalisco

Calle Dr. Joel Magallanes Rubio # 501,

Colonia Lomas del Paraíso, CP. 46400, Tequila, Jalisco

Phone: (52+374) 74-2-18-88

Fax: (52 +374) 74-2-27-01



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