Universidad del Valle de México in Guadalajara.

The Universidad del Valle de México has 35 campuses around Mexico, which translates into undeniable leadership in terms of Higher Education. It was the first and largest private university in Mexico and the first one in Mexico City.

UVM started operations on November 16, 1960, at the Institución Harvard –this was the name the UVM was founded with. It started out with 212 students, a faculty of 23 members, and an administrative staff of 14.

After several years of hard work, this institution was fully consolidated, and since 1968 it proudly bears its current name: Universidad del Valle de México (UVM).

UVM currently has a population of approximately 70,000 students among its 35 campuses throughout Mexico.

Since 1976, UVM started to expand. It opened various sites strategically located in Mexico City and its greater metropolitan area, as well as other states.

The leadership of UVM in Mexico motivated Laureate International Universities, the most important university network in the world, to choose it to be a part of its educational project. At present, there are 28 countries in this Network, with over 60 universities and Higher Education Institutes and over 600,000 students.

As an answer to development needs in the Western area of Mexico, which is economically important at the national level and requires innovative educational models, the Guadalajara Sur Campus was opened in 2004.


Its success and acceptance by the Guadalajara student community prompted the opening of a second campus in a relatively short time, the Guadalajara Norte campus in 2007. Finally, the UVM presence in Jalisco was consolidated in 2008, when its third campus opened in Zapopan.


Striving to maintain itself as an institution of excellence, the Universidad del Valle de México has developed an important academic project: an educational model of its own which characterizes it in all fields, and revitalize a valuable educational tradition together with contemporary philosophical theoretical foundations.


The 21st Century Educational Model allows the development of high-quality competitive professionals who possess expertise, skills, abilities, leadership, and who are committed to being continuously up-to-date.

This model sets the following as its principles:

Learning how to learn. This involves promoting the ability to acquire the necessary knowledge to support their professional performance.

Learning how to be. This considers promoting values, attitudes, and ethical standards which will guide behavior and social integration, as well as the students' professional practice.
Learning how to do. This refers to developing abilities in order to apply principles, methods, and technologies in a productive way throughout their career.

Learning how to be enterprising. This means providing the student with a business perspective. A vision with an ability to build networks of assistance and trust by means of effective and faultless work, always committed to society and the nation.

Learning how to live appropriately with others. This fosters an adequate management of conflicts, leadership, acknowledging differences, and building up networks of assistance and spheres of trust.

Furthermore, the 21st Century Educational Model includes a philosophy and values of its own. A key element here is the comprehensive development of high-level professionals within a framework of values.

This is our 21st Century Educational Model. It has allowed our institution to fulfill the needs in our society thanks to our graduates' performance within the most important firms in our country.


Engineering Division

Business Engineering and Manufacturing Technology.
Telecommunications and Electronic Engineering.
Industrial and Systems Engineering.
Mechatronics Engineering.

Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy Division

International Business Administration in Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Arts.

Business Division

Business Administration.
Sport and Recreation Management.
International Trade.
Public Accounting and Finance.

Art, Design and Architecture Division

Graphic Design.
Industrial Design.

Social Science Division

Communication Science.



Master in Business Administration.
Master in Management.

Social Science

Master in Criminal Science.
Master in Education Science.
Master in Tax Law.


Master in Computer Systems Engineering.


  • Course Validation.
  • Access to all of the facilities, labs, workshops, gym, library; use of computers, etc.
  • Internships in companies with an agreement with the University Participation in academic and cultural activities such as: trips, social functions, etc.
  • Participation in Certificate Courses, Summer Courses, Foreign Language Courses, etc.


UVM currently has a population of approximately 70,000 students among its 35 campuses throughout Mexico.


Our students have an opportunity to complete a second degree abroad in any of the Laureate Network universities. They can validate the credits earned in the courses taken during their first 7 semesters at UVM. Therefore, in about a year and a half or two, they could get a second degree from a university abroad.

We have agreements with over 60 universities in 28 countries.

The benefits include the Universidad Laureate –which UVM offers its students and graduates to distinguish them as individuals with a global vision and international experience– and the necessary skills to face the world of business.


UVM received a Lisa y Llana accreditation. This is the top quality level granted by FIMPES (Federation of Mexican Higher Education Private Institutions). We have been accredited as a "Socially Responsible Corporation" by CEMEFI.



Blanca Estela Mireles González

Exchange Coordinator

Phone: (52+33) 36698400 Ext. 23046

E-mail: blanca.mirelesg@uvmnet.edu

Website: http://www.guadalajarasur.uvmnet.edu/

Website: http://www.uvmnet.edu /


Yunuen Guzman Bellov

Marketing Director

Campus Guadalajara Sur

Phone: (52+33) 36698400 Ext. 23046

E-mail: yunuen.guzmanb@uvmnet.edu

Web page: www.guadalajarante.uvmnet.edu

Website: http://www.uvmnet.edu /

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